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  • CP2101-GM

CP2101-GM CP2101-GM

  • product name:CP2101-GM
  • brand: Silicon Labs
  • Packing:Standard Package
  • Seal:64QFN
  • Standard packages:1
  • Inventory channel:Self-Support
  • Minimum order quantity:10
  • technical parameter


  • product description

CP2101-GM by Silicon Labs Design and production,in www.crgtrading.cn. Spot sales,And can pass www.crgtrading.cn Purchasing. CP2101-GM Price reference $ 5.4128。CP2101-GM - Categories :Integrated Circuits (ICs) > Interface - Controllers ;Series :-;Packaging :Tube;Part Status :Not For New Designs;Protocol :USB;Function :Bridge, USB to UART;Interface :UART;Standards :USB 2.0;Voltage - Supply :3 V ~ 3.6 V;Current - Supply :22mA;Operating Temperature :-40°C ~ 85°C;Package / Case :28-VFQFN Exposed Pad;Supplier Device Package :28-QFN (5x5);Standard Package :73;Other Names :336-1162、CP2101GM、;。You can download CP2101-GM Chinese information、Pin map、DatasheetData sheet function specification,In the information CP2101-GM Detailed pin diagram and function application circuit diagram voltage and usage method and tutorial

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FAQ - 常见问题

1. Is the product quality of CRG TRADING LTD guaranteed?

Answer: CRG TRADING LTD insists that the products sold are all qualified products that have passed the original QC, and they will not be faked. Second, do not do shoddy charging. Third, do not treat the old as the new. Only buying original products is the greatest guarantee of quality

2. Can CRG TRADING LTD return goods?If you want to return the product because you bought too much or for your own reasons, we can't return it for 7 days without any reason, but we can help you resell or sell it on behalf of you.

However, if the product has quality problems during use, we will take the initiative to follow up and ask the supplier to provide after-sales service guarantee and provide treatment plans and test results during the warranty period. You buy not only the goods, but also the complete after-sales service.

3. Will the price of CRG TRADING LTD Shenzhen Huisicheng Technology Co., Ltd. be too high?

All hangtag prices can be ordered, and product negotiation is accepted at the same time to ensure high-quality product quality. At the same time, we are also constantly improving service and customer-oriented purchasing experience, because the source of the supplied products (including different suppliers, The same product will have different prices depending on the delivery time (domestic spot, international spot, order futures, the year of the goods and the quantity purchased). We provide different price options and high-quality services according to your purchase requirements.

4. Does CRG TRADING LTD ship fast?

    The company's spot inventory is placed before 16:00 and the payment is confirmed to be shipped on the same day. The international spot inventory is normally shipped within 7-10 working days (some US inventory can be delivered within 4-5 working days to achieve the highest Aging) Please contact customer service to confirm the specific delivery time.

5. I want to purchase a wide variety of products, but I don't want to find them one by one, what should I do?

   There is a one-stop service for BOM distribution, just hand over the bill of materials to our online customer service, and we will easily solve all your problems for you.

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